Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the idea that each child is wonderfully capable of being, growing and becoming their own unique self in the midst of their various communities. We do not view children as small adults or empty vessels needing to be filled, but as individuals with their own ideas, feelings and abilities who play key roles in shaping the movements of our school day.

We seek to enact a play based emergent curriculum, based on the needs and interests of our attending children. We foster mixed aged group interaction, and encourage friendships to form among the varying ages of our students. As teachers, we empower our students to build self control and self esteem by assisting and encouraging them to successfully complete daily tasks, such as putting on their shoes or going to the bathroom.

We strongly believe in learning within our neighborhood, and often utilize the outdoor classrooms of our community garden and local parks, as well as our nearby library and food cooperative.

Read more about Emergent Curriculum:  Jones, Elizabeth. March, 2012. The Emergence of Emergent Curriculum. Washington, DC: NAEYC.

Enrollment/Wait-list Process

  • Contact the membership coordinator or come to an Open House.
  • A $25 non-refundable application fee will be charged to process the application.
  • After completed application is received, the membership coordinator will contact you to schedule an initial play-date and school tour.
  • If the school feels like a good fit for all parties, membership or a spot on the waiting list may be offered.
  • WPCS retains the right to give enrollment priority to siblings of current students or families and students that meet our current membership needs before drawing from the wait-list