What is a cooperative school?

A cooperative school is run by a group of parents who hire teachers to work with their children. Parents are integral to both the educational and operational processes at the school; they volunteer in many ways from administration through to daily support in the classroom. Parents also help to form schoolwide policy.

What are the hourly requirements of being a member?

Administration of the school is almost entirely composed of volunteer parent work, so commitment to the coop is a crucial feature of the school. Hourly commitments vary according to type of job and season. Our goal is that Parent Jobs average 2 hours of work per week. Some jobs require a weekly commitment of 2 hours; other jobs might have no work some weeks but then a spike in hours during other weeks.

What hours are the school day?

School runs from 8:00am-2pm Monday through Friday. You can enroll for 2-5 days per week as space allows.

Do you offer aftercare?

Yes. You can enroll your child in aftercare from 2pm-6:00pm for 1-5 days per week as space allows.

What days is the school closed throughout the year?

While the schedule may vary from year to year, the school is closed about once a month for teacher planning days, for two weeks around winter break, and for all federal holidays. You can see the latest school calendar here.

What is a school day typically like?

WPCS is a play-based school. Children have extended periods of free play where they choose what they would like to do but are supported by supplemental activities offered by teachers. Every day, all children have free play, small group instruction, large group activities like music or read alouds, and quiet time to rest or play alone.

Can you describe the curriculum?

WPCS uses “emergent curriculum” which means teachers support children’s interests as they develop. Teachers answer questions children have in real time but also focus ongoing curriculum on what children continue to be curious about day after day.  Emergent curriculum is embedded in free play through added props, books, and games, and is woven into small group instruction through projects, investigations, and arts-based activities.

What is the teacher-student ratio?

Teacher-to-student ratio is 1:6.

What ages do you accept?

We accept children who are approaching 2 years of age through to children age 5.

What is the cost of tuition?

Tuition varies on a yearly basis, based on our budget. The exact amount you pay each month fluctuates depending on how many days your child is at school that month. The current daily tuition (8:00am-2pm) is $45 per day, and aftercare (2pm-6:00pm) is $32 per day.  Drop-in aftercare is available for $35/day as long as it is within the teacher-student ratio.

Do you accept CCIS?

Unfortunately we are not certified to accept CCIS or other subsidies at this time.

How do I apply?

Contact our School Administrator at wpcs.ad@gmail.com. The application fee is $25 per family.

Who can I contact for additional questions?

Please email our School Administrator, Alexandra Brown, at wpcs.ad@gmail.com.